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Our classroom mission statement:
Our mission is to provide a safe and educational environment where children can strengthen both mind and body while learning self-confidence and personal motivation.
Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy way, in order to prevent disease and assure the highest possible quality of life.
By inspiring an entire generation of children to achieve their full potential through the metaphor of fitness and health, we invest in our countries most valuable resource, our children, our future, our world!
The P.E. program at F.S.E. combines exercise, running and developmental activities in an effort to physically educate each child. As well rounded students, English and Spanish are used to count exercises in class as well as learning geographical directions. Along with physical fitness activities, students learn the importance of good nutrition and developing healthy habits for a lifetime. The Mileage Club is a program that encourages students to get out and run, by accumulating laps that is converted into miles. When a student reaches five miles, he/she gets to join the club and receives a token for their shoe lace. That token represents hard work and dedication. Every five miles after that, they receive another token.

Students learn to identify the components of health related fitness through the FitnessGram fitness test. We give a pre-test in the fall, and the FitnessGram test in the spring. Students also participate in community service programs such as JRFH, HFH and this coming year, the ‘Walk To Cure Diabetes.’ Aside of cooperative games, students enjoy T.O.T. (Teams of Tomorrow) basketball program, Speed Stacking (cup stacking).and Field Day.
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