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5th Grade

Language Arts
Language Arts gives us the ability to construct meaning and manipulate the language for a variety of purposes through reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. The FSE curriculum integrates the study of these strands to meet the goals identified by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  We provide differentiation according to the needs of the individual learners. Materials and strategies are used that meet children at their instructional levels and stretch them as far as possible.
Fifth grade develops the love of literacy through building comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary.  Our aspiration is to help students develop daily habits of reading, writing, working independently, and critical thinking that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.

TEKS for English Language Arts and Reading 

Math should be about fun!  In 5th grade we really focus on bringing the fun back into mathematics.  We try to work outside as much as possible as well as bring in many hands on opportunities.  In 5th grade, our belief, is that every child can learn, regardless of their background.


Science is fun, exciting, educational and engaging!  Kids love Science!  FSE is committed to using inquiry-based hands-on learning strategies to help students develop their own understanding of science.
Students are instructed in four areas of science:  Nature of Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science
  • Nature of Science—students are taught about lab safety, how to use tools properly in a science lab and the Scientific Method. 
  • Physical Science—students focus on the study of matter based upon its physical properties, but also learn about electricity, magnetism, reflection, refraction, mixtures, solutions, and forms of energy. 
  • Earth Science—students learn about the many systems we have including the sun, earth, moon system; constructive and destructive forces and how they affect weathering, and erosion; and renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Life Science—students learn how adaptations help animals to survive and the role each organism plays in their ecosystem.  Students will also learn the difference in learned behaviors and inherited traits.       
Student assessment in science at the state level initially occurs in the fifth grade with the Fifth Grade STAAR Science Exam.  This is a comprehensive exam including content from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Fifty percent of the exam covers material introduced and mastered in the fifth grade.
It is our hope that through inquiry-based hands-on learning, our students will understand science and the world around them while they continue to grow as life-long learners.

Social Studies/DCR
Fifth grade social studies focuses upon the United States. It includes the history and geography of our country, as well as its government, heritage, and cultures. Students learn through hands-on activities, media, technology, and projects. Highlights of the year include Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia de los Muertos, Christmas traditions over the generations, Black History Month, personal and family history research, a cemetery field trip, and the Cinco de Mayo celebration.
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